Mobile Monopoly 2 scam or not fraud check

Mobile Monopoly 2.0 is the next generation of making money through texting and email addiction. Mobile Monopoly 1.0 was a great success for its founder, but a thriving pool of people who made money using this marketing scheme and wish to continue in the system, is minimal at best.

Mobile Monopoly 2.0 is the latest invention by the Mobile Monopoly founder Adam Horowitz. Mr. Horowitz obviously has an incredible knowledge of marketing and how social media connects people to businesses. His awards are proof of his propensity for identifying which elements of the Internet contain potential for generating income. The trouble is, Mobile Monopoly 2.0 lacks the universal access to capture the attention of normal people wanting to use the Net and mobile marketing to produce an income. Even with Presidential honors, Money Monopoly 2.0 is simply not layman-friendly!

Like almost every other money-making Web-based product, Mobile Monopoly asks for at least a $47 investment up-front. This will buy a marketing rookie the privilege of reading about and setting up, an initial money-making campaign using the Money Monopoly System. Many users will testify that earning the profits spoken about by the system’s creator takes a great deal of technical knowledge and a background in the intricacies of Web programming and SEO content writing.

Money Monopoly 2.0 is a mutation of Money Monopoly 1.0 in that it offers very little affiliate support and requires an exponentially greater time and resource commitment. Once an initial starter package is purchased, the Money Monopoly affiliate will have to buy hundreds of dollars worth of highly sophisticated information in order to achieve a level of earning that is worth using the system.

Further, the entire Money Monopoly system takes advantage of the communication between unsuspecting users of various social media platforms. In essence, this is another Clickbank company which claims to be able to generate huge profits for its affiliates by becoming a nuisance. The basis of Money Monopoly’s system is the reliance on that 98% of the population who use email to receive daily information. That 98% is also becoming extremely adept at recognizing spam and unwanted advertising “barnacles” like the ads produced by Money Monopoly subscribers.

The founder of Money Monopoly 2.0 is getting rich through subscriptions, but is selling information that only helps to speed the impending death of unsolicited advertisements piggy-backing on the habits of everyday Internet and email users.


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