Is Shoe-In Money System a scam

Shoe-In Money System fraud analysis

It doesn’t take a web genius or a financial guru to identify the Internet money-making schemes that are not worth the time and resources required, or the initial start-up fees. These so-called business opportunities use loopholes in the law and a surfer’s desire for success to funnel profits which rarely results in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Shoe-In Money is a popular scheme that is creatively attractive, but is only intent on making money from unsuspecting amateur investors and affiliates.

The first indication that the founder’s altruistic motives are false is the use of other companies’ mottos and slogans. Take for instance the “set it and forget it” mentality. This is a slogan used by a popular kitchen product designer. If the founder of Shoe-In Money is so successful, why doesn’t he offer the opportunity to become part of a profitable Net team instead of panhandling money-making secrets at the price of $47?

Second, throughout Shoe-In Money’s site, Apple and McIntosh logos are used everywhere. While this is a blatant paid promotional from a reputable technology company, it is also a prime indicator that unless you are using a certain system, the money-making opportunities will not be available as promised.

Third, the brand of Internet marketing that Shoe-In Money promotes is grounded in the social media universe. Spammers have dubbed this the social media “marketplace,” but all efforts and tricks to selling through this medium can only result in the saturating of user mailboxes and accounts with unwanted advertisements and lures to frivolous, conspicuous spending. In essence, Shoe-In Money wants its affiliates to spend a fifty dollar bill learning how to become a nuisance to users of social media platforms in the hope they will follow sales leads and create residual income. Even if thousands of people clicked on a certain affiliate’s adds, there is no guarantee of a sale and any residual would be a pittance in comparison with Shoe-In Money’s claims of “life-changing income.”

Shoe-In Money is another scheme based on affiliates making money through potential online sales. It is commission oriented and completely dependent upon the chance of ads being seen by Internet users, not on services provided. In essence, Shoe-In Money is promising the ability for its program members to extract money out of “nothing” using “nothing.” This simply is not possible on the Net no matter how savvy and technologically sophisticated the scheme.

Also, the tutoring and support services are based in video conferencing and anonymous, subject-less advertisements. There is very little evidence to suggest that the Shoe-In Money founder or his team will dedicate any time to the individual. Affiliates who have little support and who are left to navigate this type of income generation tool on their own will quickly lose interest and give up. If Shoe-In Money was a true miracle money-making Internet company, it would lend most of its resources to bolstering and growing its world wide affiliate network. Clearly, this is not this company’s mission.

Shoe-In Money is just one the thousands of get-rich-quick-on-the-Net programs which makes its profits primarily from the membership fees of new affiliates, rather than a concrete and sustainable service or product. Steer clear!


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