Is PopUp Domination a scam

PopUp Domination fraud analysis

Do you remember the nineties? Do you remember being bombarded by a million pop ups faster than your Windows 98 machine could handle. Some people miss the days of harassing customers with sign-up sheets that feel more like bullying than actual sales tactics. At PopUp Domination, they’d like to go back to those times, but times have changed and pop ups are more ineffective now than they ever were before.

Pop-up Domination in the year 2013

History lesson, what ultimately killed pop-ups? If you answered the pop-up blocker you’d be correct. In fact, pop-up blockers are so effective, sometimes you have to allow pop-ups on important government and academic sites via pop-up exemptions. When it is so hard to get to the pop-ups that you actually need, how hard do you think it will be for PopUp Domination to show up on the computer of someone who isn’t either completely new to computers or lives on the wild side with their pop-up blocker always turned off.

Worthless Traffic and Online Parasites

Unfortunately for niche marketers who rely on pop-up and squeeze ads, the idea of the honey pot is widely used today by professional and average everyday people. While you may have more e-mail accounts added to your mailing list, some of them going to a designated e-mail that the potential customer set aside for all offers like yours; or worse, it goes into an account where it will be unopened forever, as will all future e-mails you send. Honey pots cost you money, but are always the e-mail address you’ll get when pop-ups are too pushy. PopUp Domination ads are the best at what they do, which is aggressively preventing the potential customer from leaving the site until they give an e-ail address. This costs you money in volume e-mail orders, and you can’t afford that.

The trick is not getting every person on the street with an e-mail added to your marketing list, so much as you need to get the e-mails of people who actually want to buy your product. This product may help you with e-mail volume, but it will not make the slightest dent in your conversions and commissions.

An Open Door for Hackers

The more material you put up on the internet, with the more coding and scripting behind it, the more you invite in hackers. While products like WordPress and Joomla frequently produce security updates, Pop-Up Domination is a simple script with no security. If someone feels that your website or enterprise are of value to them, they can easily sneak in. Most hackers just steal mailing lists, but there are sometimes instances of identity theft where the initial point of entry is from the victims pop-up application.

Try the Alternatives

There are many ways to get your name out there without the use of annoying pop-up ads like those from PopUp Domination. Even if you are a mailing list marketer, proper engagement through social media sites will sign up e-mails that will produce commissions because they wanted to be on your mailing list out of genuine interest. With PopUp Domination, your email will show up between cheap Rolex watches and discount prescription medications in spam folders across the world. You deserve better than that, you owe it to yourself to market the right way, and avoid dirty tricks like PopUp Domination.


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