Get Paid to Draw scam or not fraud check

Just this last March 2013, the Get Paid to Draw: Relaunched was released to their new affiliates. These past months, the site made noise in the United States and many are still hunting for this product. With its guarantee that anyone can earn a whopping $2,000 a month by just doing simple drawings, it is not a surprise that many people caught on. Until now, a lot of people out there are eyeing to try this one. However, there are others who are wondering if this site is really legit. With its too good to be true promises, it is understandable that people who want to try this website should be critical about the product.

What the Site is All About

Get Paid to Draw is a basically a site that encourages people who have skills in drawing to get their help in earning through their work. The site teaches the affiliates some techniques on how they can sell their drawings and earn a big amount from it. They also offer help to connect these affiliates to certain companies that are looking for illustrators. Nevertheless, before they can take advantage of this program, they have to pay a $75 fee first.

Legit or Scam

Although there are lots of positive reviews that are appearing on the web about this site, many interested people are still hesitant to join this program. Nobody can blame them. The site guarantees too good to be true results like the $2000 per month income and it talks as if getting that amount through simple drawing skills is very easy. Even professional artists and illustrators do not get this much in a snap. Therefore, for those who are asking if they can trust Get Paid to Draw: Relaunched, the answer is definitely NO.

Reasons Why It is A Scam

If based on web scam experiences and common sense, then this site is really a scam. For proof, these reasons below will open people’s eyes on why they should beware of this modus:
The $75 Fee
Most sites or online businesses which ask for a membership or entrance fee are scams. If people would research about the nature of Internet scams, this is the no. 1 characteristic of any bogus website. If Get Paid to Draw is really sincere in helping people get a good income source, then they would just wait for them to earn before they ask for anything.

100% Guarantee

The site is very sure of the success that they can give to their affiliates. Although it is normal for any business to assure their consumers, they cannot still guarantee them of a sure earning. Everything will still depend on the output of the affiliate and how companies or clients perceive them. They could be assuring a money back guarantee, but who knows what excuses they will give.

No Contact Details

One way to prove that a site or business really exists is through the verification of their whereabouts and who are behind it. In the case of Get Paid to Draw, they do not show any contact details through which their affiliates can find them. This means that in case of any legal problem, no one can be charged.

The Internet is full of scams and people who are looking for income online should be careful. Before they trust a business or site, they must first verify the existence and legality of it. They should not depend on reviews because they can be manipulated, but instead they should look through the facts.


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