Blogging with John Chow scam or not fraud check

There is something wrong when you visit a website and all you see are promises of riches with little evidence of expertise. Pasted on banners are ways to make money doing something so easy and so accessible that anyone can do it. Do you sleep? Earn money while doing that. Do you eat? Make money while doing that also. Do you blog? Yes, you can make money doing that! The truth is that you can indeed make money blogging. However, the other side of that truth is that you must blog well, market yourself in spectacular ways, and in the end, the effort you must put out may far exceed the rewards or even your capabilities. John Chow won’t tell you that though.

Blogging with John Chow is a type of self-help, get-rich scheme that has existed for decades. It starts with the illusion of his lifestyle, his riches, and his expertise being greater than yours. This is evidenced by the highly-praising comments under every single blog entry or article he has made under his various websites. There isn’t a single comment questioning his process, his credibility, nor the validity of his claims; this is because his comments section is tightly controlled by him. They are all relevant, polite, and self aggrandizing. He has pictures and videos of himself driving expensive cars, meeting beautiful women, and going exotic places. Does that make you envious of him? It might. And that’s what he wants. Once he has piqued your curiosity enough to the point where you inquire about his lifestyle, he will drop small bits of information on how he became ‘successful’. It will be generic marketing platitudes, such as become an expert in something, and people will want to talk to you. Then once you are biting at the hook, he will send you constant e-mails about how you can achieve his level of success and that it only costs X amount of dollars to obtain his higher level, super great book! But that’s not all, once you learn about one aspect of his wealth-seeking abilities, you should buy the other book as well, which costs another X amount of dollars, but is only a slight variation of the other book. The cycle continues until you realize that you have wasted your time and are none the better for it. And the thing is, with the advent of the internet, doing this type of push marketing costs exponentially less than before. He can effectively reach thousands of people for relatively little cost. John Chow was not the first, and he will not be the last to use this type of strategy.

If you want to make money by blogging, let me sum it up for you. Become an expert at something, write about that topic, present it in an eye-pleasing manner, promote it, attract advertisers, profit. Oh, I forgot one disclaimer: do all of those steps exceedingly well and better than the other hundreds of thousands of bloggers! Does that still sound easy to you? That’s because it isn’t.


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