My Mobile Money Pages scam or not fraud check

Even if you have absolutely zero online marketing experience, you can probably guess that mobile Internet use is growing at an extremely fast rate. All you have to do is take a look at all these people you see browsing the web on their smartphones. What My Mobile Money Pages claims is that you can earn a great sum, typically over $500 per day, simply by using a computer and mobile phone.

Essentially, what the product is about is marketing various types of affiliate products to people who are browsing the web on a mobile phone. But can My Mobile Money actually deliver on their promises, or is it just a bunch of lies? The first warning sign you should see is the way they try to upsell you into buying more than just the product. They advertise the fact that they can set up the whole system for you for $197, or you can get a monthly membership at $67, which gives you access to software and additional support.

The problem is that besides a discussion forum where you will meet only other people that have purchased the product and are as much in the dark as you, there is no real support provided. My Mobile Money Pages has also had numerous problems keeping their servers running, which caused their software to be completely non-functional during these outages.

While the sales pages claim that this system can be used by anyone, without regard to their previous web development or online marketing experience, this is quite false. Their members area provides only vague training, with no real instructions on how to setup the website templates that they provide you with.

Even if you do manage to make their templates and software work, the techniques used are now pretty worthless since the new algorithm updates that Google recently implemented. My Mobile Money Pages claims that their software can automatically create valuable backlinks that will cause your search engine rankings to skyrocket, thus bringing in a huge flow of visitors to your website each and every day. The problem with this assertion is that any software tool that claims it can create massive amounts of backlinks without much input from the user is probably just spamming those links on other websites, using pre-made articles, anchor texts and blog comments.

According to Google, using spun, duplicate or poor-quality content, together with spamming links to your site are definite no-nos. Instead of seeing your search engine rankings go up, you will likely just have your site penalized for using such deceptive marketing methods. Google has recently been cracking down hard on poor quality content and link spam, as they make it harder for Internet users who want to find accurate information and legitimate marketers which sell their products without polluting forums, directories and blog comments with spam.

While there are ways to make some cash from mobile users, the software and techniques used by this system will not work, making My Mobile Money Pages a waste of time and money.

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  1. John Fisher

    I bought this product two years ago, and I built several sites on the MMMP servers. Then the problems started…Intermittent crashes, downtimes exceeding one month sometime, now I have been led to understand that MMMP has been sold, and customer support has totally disappeared, I have been locked out of every site I created on their servers, and down time is worse, not better. I finally wised up and started building my sites on my own hosting and not their sites.

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